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Dungarees Store Front neon sign

DUNGAREES is Los Angeles's original denim boutique ... An activewear boutique, for both men and women, specializing in denim.

Dungarees was at the forefront of the denim revolution/explosion, as activewear played an important part of the 90's California lifestyle, with jeans being an essential part of your everyday wardrobe.  Jeans were, and still are, an essential fashion staple of the entertainment industry (television, film, and music), and right from its opening Dungarees was quickly working with many of the studios and celebrities.

Dungarees has always been a leader in helping to introduce new denim brands, while also carrying brands that are considered a staple.  When Dungarees opened in the 90's, we introduced our customers to many European denim lines from Italy, France, London and Switzerland, which included such brands as Diesel, Replay, Big Star, and Aviatic.  While Dungarees still carries several European denim brands, such as Replay (from Italy), many of the most popular premium denim brands today are actually designed and made domestically.  More specifically, many of the popular denim lines are from right here in Los Angeles, which has become one of the main places for denim design and manufacturing.

Dungarees keeps it's hand on the pulse of the denim and fashion trends.  We not only always maintain a great selection, but emphasize on carrying the right fit for different body types/shapes.

Dungarees is considered one of LA’s premier fashion boutiques, having been featured in such magazines as Los Angeles, Lucky, and Sportswear International; its location used for such television shows as MTV’s “Punk’d”, HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, and “90210”; plus Dungarees works with the studios and supplies clothes for many of your favorite television shows and feature films.

Dungarees has been part of the fabric of the Los Angeles community since 1991.